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K-12 Escape Room Educator Resources

Escape Kits (sometimes referred to as breakout boxes) are a new and popular way to teach students in the classroom. By using a series of clues and puzzles, children are able to work together to escape from a "locked" room. The use of Escape Kits in the classroom has been shown to improve:

  • Teamwork

  • Problem-Solving Skills

  • Critical Thinking

If you are looking for teacher supplies that offer a new and exciting way to teach your students, an Escape Kit may be the perfect solution.


A Deluxe Escape Room Kit will complement your school supplies and transform your classroom into an Escape Room. With a little creativity, you can use it to teach almost any subject. The Kit comes with:

  • Professional Development (Online Course): Get guidance on implementing the kit.

  • Escape Room Puzzle Ideas: A variety of engaging puzzles ideas to choose from.

  • Escape Room Locks & Other Supplies: Everything needed for an authentic escape experience.

The best part for teachers? They are so easy to store! No more clunky escape room in a box; the bags lay flat for easy storage, but still hold as much as a box - maybe even more!

If you'd like to acquire a classroom escape room kit via purchase order, please complete the form below, and we'll get it processed for you!

Hear what educators are saying about the Deluxe Escape Room Kit (Lock in Learning Kit)

Building your own escape room game for students...

  • Ignites Passion & Drive in Participants

  • Improves Engagement Through Gamification

  • Supports a Variety of Learning Styles 

  • Builds Classroom Community

  • Fosters Communication, Collaboration, Critical  Thinking, & Creativity

For a Limited Time:

Purchase a subscription to the K12 Escape Room Educator Network and receive a FREE Mini Escape Room Kit!

Mini Kit Contains:

  • 🔒 1 Medium Locking Bag 8” x 10”

  • 🔒 1 4 Digit Number Lock

  • 🔍 1 Red Lens Viewer

  • 🔦 2 UV lights

  • ✒️ 2 Invisible ink pens

Works with any breakout/escape game! The types of locks included help prevent students from accidentally resetting your combination. You must use a coin on bottom of locks to change the combination. 10,000 possible combinations.


Best Value

K-12 Escape Room Educator's Network



Unlock fun and teamwork at K-12 Escape Room Educator's Network! Engage with creative puzzles designed to inspire and refresh. Join the adventure!

Valid for one year

Curriculum Integration

Resource Library

Professional Development

Collaboration and Networking

Expert Advice

Innovative Ideas

Community Support

Perfect for Every Occasion!

If you're familiar with escape games, breakout games, and/or breakout boxes, you'll understand the thrill. It's exciting to create a 60-minute adventure with:

  • A Theme: Like a lost mummy.

  • Puzzles: Such as morse code.

  • Decorations: Or if you're a teacher, classroom decorations that match your theme.

Sending players to find the answers to your riddle adds an extra layer of excitement!

But what if you don't want to create your own? There are also printable escape rooms with puzzles that include everything you could ever imagine!

The Kit is compatible with:

  • Printable Escape Rooms: Pre-made, ready-to-use themes and puzzles.

  • Breakout Edu Games (aka breakoutedu): Engaging educational experiences.

  • DIY Games: Customize the adventure to suit your needs.

And it's perfect for:

  • Birthday Parties

  • Corporate Team Building

  • Classrooms

  • Game Night

Explore endless possibilities and bring excitement to any occasion with The Kit. Whether you want to design your own escape room or utilize ready-to-go printable options, the versatility and compatibility of The Kit offer the perfect solution for your needs!

Submit a Purchase Order

Submit the information below to initiate a purchase order or receive a quote.  Please note, you receive one free Mini Escape Room Kit with every subscription purchase to the Educator's Network. 

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Emily B, CA

I had a great time playing the escape room game that I created with the Deluxe Escape Room Game Kit. The kit was very easy to use and came with everything I needed to create a challenging and fun game. I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone looking to add excitement to their next meeting or event.

Mrs. McGuire,

7th grade science

The Deluxe Escape Room Game Kit from Escape Room Games Kit was an excellent addition to my classroom. The students loved the challenge and excitedly worked together to try to escape the room. The kit was easy to set up and came with clear instructions. I would highly recommend this escape room kit to any teacher looking to add an exciting and challenging activity to their classroom."

Amy M, MI

The Deluxe Escape Room Games Kit is very easy to use and extremely cost effective. We also have breakoutedu boxes and this allowed us a cost-effective way of expanding lockable items for everyone. And these are way easier to store! We had so much fun that we are planning on using it again for our next event."

Escape Room in the Classroom Supplies

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