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Engage and Educate: Escape Room Kit Innovations

Are you looking to bring an engaging and educational experience to your classroom, library, or event space? Look no further than Escape Room Design and Props, a company at the forefront of escape room kit innovations.

With a decade of experience in both operating physical escape rooms and selling top-tier escape room kits and puzzle books, Escape Room Design and Props has honed their craft to perfection. What sets them apart? Their practical vinyl locking bags that make storage a breeze, coming in various sizes to accommodate your needs while holding plenty of items securely in place. But it's not just their high-quality products that make Escape Room Design and Props stand out. It's their unique background in education and escape room operations that truly sets them apart in the industry. By combining these two areas of expertise, they have managed to create a range of products that not only entertain but also educate. Looking to spice up your lesson plans or team-building exercises? Escape Room Design and Props offers a range of escape room puzzle ideas, information sharing, and product purchases for escape room products on their website. In addition, they provide valuable downloadable resources such as puzzles and planning kits to help you create the perfect escape room experience. While webinars may not be on the horizon, Escape Room Design and Props is dedicated to engaging with owners, teachers, librarians, medical school educators, and anyone else interested in the world of escape room games. Whether you're looking to bring a new element of fun to your classroom or host an unforgettable event, Escape Room Design and Props has the tools and expertise to help you succeed.

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